2015 Summer Intern Projects

Student Advisory Board Toolkit created by Christian Beauvoir (Click picture to see more)


Healthy Eating Active Living Toolkit
created by Tatiana Diacova


The Tooth Fairy Convention
planned by Frances Walsh

(Click picture to see more)


Reflections on the Summer:

See more at: http://insidethelatrust.org/the-l-a-trust-blog/

Look Both Ways Before You Cross the Street
by Christian Beauvoir
A commentary on informed public service

In MJ We Trust
by Cassidy Meehan
An Ode to the inspiration that is Maryjane Puffer

The Road to Resiliency
by Juliane Nguyen
A reflection on her the battle her teen-self faced with mental health and the importance of fighting stigma

A little smarter, a little healthier…
by Tatiana Diacova
Fad diets and combating America’s struggle with obesity


Emily Rozema
Healthy Eating Active Living

“Interning at the LA Trust was a one-of-a-kind opportunity. My favorite part about my summer experience was working closely with and getting to know my cohort of interns. Together, we were able to get a first hand look into the cutting-edge and collaborative world that is school-based health care and work on several projects that contribute to its success. Because of this internship, I plan to pursue a career that is dedicated to student health, and I look forward to crossing paths with the Trust’s wonderful staff and interns in the future.”


Dejauwne Young
Student Engagement/Linked Learning

“The most impactful aspect of my internship at The L.A. Trust, was the leadership, organizational, and communication skills that I developed under the guidance of The L.A. Trust staff and the outreach projects that I was responsible for.”


Ashley Lewis
Healthy Eating Active Living

“The LA Trust was a (super) fantastic place to work!  I felt supported by LA Trust staff as I worked on health communication projects, and the #Trustings provided great opportunities to learn about my fellow interns and have some fun. I was also able to build upon the skills I gained while pursuing my MPH. My time with the LA Trust was great professionally, and personally and I’d do it all over again if I could. #Trustings #superfantastic #Christiancheatedonourtourofdowtownactivity #Ishould’vewon

Student Health = Student Success

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