Additional Ways To Trumpet the ACA on its 7th Anniversary!

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Dear Friends,

If you can’t make this Thursday’s march in downtown L.A., you can still show your support for the Affordable Care Act.  Our friends at CaliforniaHealth+Advocates are offering the following terrific ideas to commemorate the 7th year anniversary as well:
Have a Block party
Make it fun. Invite the business neighbors. Have people bring a hot pot with some good food, chips and salsa, cut a cake. Fly colorful balloons. Play music.

Have a Mini Rally
Create a space where people can gather and have signs
Have a podium or bull horn where a few key individuals can speak
Invite public health officials, social services, other key business partners you work with
Select a few key leaders to lead the rally with 2-5 minute speeches that focus on the good things about the ACA
Allow the space for others in the crowd to share their positive story

Coordinate Your Own March 
Coordinate a march with your community partners.
Either all agree to meet in one location and walk .5 to 1 mile or start in different places and converge
Carry signs and balloons so people know its fun and celebratory
End the march with a few inspirational speeches- have a bull horn or podium available

Host a Campus Health Fair
Coordinate a fair where the central elements of the ACA are called out
Coverage (have O&E workers)
Health Benefits (providers doing blood pressure, etc)
Kids covered until 26 (Parents and kids)
Pre-existing conditions (individuals who would have been excluded)

Create an educational environment where patients and community members can also take away something be it a health screen or a way to stay actively involved

Celebrate Your Staff and Providers
The ACA works because of your staff and providers. Honor them by hosting a party!
Wine and cheese
Pizza and soda

Make Signs and Display them Everywhere!
We Love the ACA
ACA- It was a great 4 years!
Keep building on the ACA!
ACA made our community better!
ACA = Good Health
I’m with the ACA
ACA saved my life
ACA = Awesome
I stand with the ACA

For media talking points on the value of health centers 

  • In California, the Affordable Care Act is working! Our LAUSD Wellness Centers have provided over 250,000 visits to date! Through our Covered California efforts, 1,193 students now understand the social justice impact of health care and that health care is a human right.
  • California has the lowest uninsured rate the state has ever seen, down to 7%. In health centers, we saw a decline of 33% in uninsured patients.
  • Coverage expansion has meant more people are receiving the health care they need and deserve, more people have jobs, and more money is being spent in the local economy.
  • In 2015, California health centers annually contributed over $8 billion in total economic impact and over 59,000 jobs!
  • Amazingly health centers served 20% of the Medicaid population, but constituted only 2.8% of total Medicaid expenditures.
  • A 2016 study found that in CA, the annual total cost of care is 22% lower for FQHC Medicaid patients than for Medicaid patients served by other types of providers.  That comes to a savings of $5.5 billion annually on Medicaid for the state. System wide the savings is even greater, at $7.5 billion!

Student Health = Student Success