#BrighterFuture: The L.A. Trust’s 2nd Annual Joint Board Meeting

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July 22, 2015 — By Christian Beauvoir

Young people are more powerful than we give them credit for, more intelligent than we see, more mature than we accept. We only spend time on their potential, but the reality of their accomplishments is far profound than we, as “Adults,” recognize. Well maybe I should say they not we; I’m only twenty-two, even though sometimes I do feel pretty grown.

Last Thursday, was The L.A. Trust’s 2nd Annual Joint Board Meeting. It was a five hour event at LA Live’s Lucky Strike filled with intense competition, some light competition, no competition at all, and a genuine desire to improve the conditions of our surroundings. The Trust’s Youth Advisory Board (or YAB) met with the Board of Directors to discuss issues that they saw on their campuses from the undesirable food options at lunch and resulting “underground” food distribution to the lack of acceptable facilities and access to clean drinking water. Though the topics were markedly heavy, there was an air of hope and resilience that permeated the setting. As I scanned the room slowly, looking for instances of fatigue or sadness, young or old, I found only faces etched with determination. I saw a congregation of like minds tied together with bowling balls, responsible vegetarian options, and knowledge that one day, if we persist, our future will be brighter than our current reality.

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christianChristian Beauvoir is a recent graduate of Stanford University where he pursued race and gender equity while earning a B.A. in Urban Studies with a focus in Urban Education. In the future, he plans to actively focus on the well-being and empowerment of young people through identity development and the installation of culturally-competent educational practices within Los Angeles area schools. This summer, Christian is working as The L.A. Trust’s student engagement intern, enhancing a series of resources for our Adult Allies, as well as, aiding in the development and growth of Student Advisory Boards at the fourteen Wellness Centers.


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