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Interning with The L.A. Trust has truly been a colorful experience: shaded in with hues of different activities, speckled with challenges and obstacles, defined by our mission of student health and their success. At the beginning of this journey, I found myself lost in the dark- devoid of light and color. And as anyone who has stumbled around in the dark can tell you, you will inevitably stub your toe on something.

Working with the Youth Advisory Board was perhaps the most memorable experience I had. Actually meeting the students we are serving and seeing how enthusiastic and determined they are to bring meaningful- or as Christian would say, “systematic”- change was inspiring. The students were always actively participating, asking questions about how they could aid in the various projects and demonstrating their knowledge of minor rights. Not only were the students amazing, but the entire student engagement team consisted of superb individuals who knew how to connect to the students and bring out their best selves. I can only hope that by being around the spectacular staff and students some of their shine has rubbed off on me.

I will have to admit, in the past I have been more of a monochrome kind of guy. I prefer the constant, the expected, the same every day routine such as data entry and writing reports. Colorful work- that of which requires creativity and ingenuity has always been foreign to me. But my time with The L.A. Trust has made me appreciate the entire spectrum; whether I am working with numbers, individuals, or organizations- these all have their own brilliance. I found that the light that I lacked at the beginning of this journey was within me the entire time, brought out by overcoming my apprehension of the dark and embracing the unknown, which ultimately became a dazzling array of colors.


Kevin Ngov graduated this spring from Cal State L.A. with a public health degree.  He is a fellow with CDC’s Maternal Child Health Health Careers/Research Initiatives for Student Enhancement (MCHC/RISE-UP) program.  He is interning with The L.A. Trust this summer supporting student engagement programs and will start an MPH program in Epidemiology at UC Irvine this fall.


Student Health = Student Success