Hero of The Month of April : Will Cullen from Washington Prep

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What do you do at Washington Prep High School? I am the Healthy Start Student & Family Resource Navigator/Wellness Center Coordinator at Washington Prep. I work with students and community providing case management in regards to mental health services, basic needs, and tutoring.

How did you get started in this field?  I enjoy working with our student advisory board the W.A.S.H. Squad (Wellness & Student Health) and the different events we are able to bring to campus from our Live Fit to our Wellness Fair. I enjoy the honesty of youth as well because I am able to talk directly to them and get insight as well.  I think the W.A.S.H. Squad, our Adult Ally Ms. Small, and I are changing the culture here at the Prep.  The Wellness Center is a place where students can relax, grab a snack, and also speak their mind. A place where a student is not judged based on opinions of others. I think the challenge that I have with youth is getting them to understand that time is a precious commodity that cannot be replenished like other resources such as money, food, and gas. I want my students to seize the moment and understand how to maximize their time.

What are you looking forward to in terms of the work with The L.A. Trust (events, grants, future projects)? I am looking forward to next year and unique twist we are able to put on the different campaigns that we have already done this year such as Live Fit, Kick Butts, World Aids Day, and our Wellness Fair. I think with the addition of a few items to our Wellness Center it will give us an opportunity to inform students, parents, teachers, and staff of our purpose

What do you think is needed to achieve that vision/goal? I think its start with having a WPHS staff that understands the needs for the Wellness Center. Our Principal Ms. Byrd and her staff understand the need for health and wellness. I was welcomed with open arms but also with the understanding that there is work to be done.  The support in which the Wellness Center and the W.A.S.H. Squad receive from the LA Trust and our liaison Robert is a huge help. Our Organizational Facilitator Bonnie is also another support system that believes in Washington Prep and its ability to be great.  I believe we are a dynamic team that understands our strengths and uses them to best of our ability to bring out the best at Washington Prep.

Words of inspiration/favorite quote? I have a few quotes that I enjoy. I will share a few. “The most wasted days are the ones without laughter.” By E.E. Cummings. “No Excuse Just Produce.” The Drew.  “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe then you will be successful.” Eric Thomas


Student Health = Student Success