“In high school, I admittedly was naive, often laughing at generalized statistics…”

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My experience at The L.A. Trust has been one that will always be greatly appreciated. As a Biology major, I was assigned to the Healthy Eating Active Living (H.E.A.L.)program to develop marketing materials after sharing my hobby of graphic design. Overall, I truly enjoyed the challenges and newfound skills throughout the experience. As a marketing intern, my goal was to spread awareness about Wellness Centers in the community and produce healthy habit infographics that serve as tools for Student Activity Boards (SAB) in the school environment. Included in these infographics were statistics that students could apply to their daily lives. For example, in an effort to curb obesity rates in the state, California legislation mandates all 5th, 7th, and 9th grade students participate in a fitness assessment, aptly named The Fitnessgram. Coincidentally, the failure rate of participating schools in South Los Angeles is above 50% in aerobic compositions. To bring awareness to the prevalence of obesity and the severity of this epidemic, The L.A. Trust is currently working with 10 schools in South Los Angeles that would receive a tailored infographic specific to that school with their Fitnessgram passing rate and available community resources to help combat obesity.

In high school, I admittedly was naive, often laughing at generalized statistics that grouped most of the population into one large percentage. My hope is that upon seeing this, students can realize how prevalent obesity is even in their own community and make changes to prevent more serious diseases that arise as a result of childhood obesity and bad health habits.

Christian Davis is a biology major at Shaw University. To learn more about Christian, click here


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