Manual Arts Pathways to Wellness

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Art Leads the Way to Wellness at Manual Arts High

by Dellis Frank, LAUSD Organization Facilitator

The art installation at Manual Arts High School went off without a hitch. We now have a painted pathway to wellness that leads from the main building to the Wellness Center (student entrance) and Artwork surrounding it.  We partnered with LA Commons who was very instrumental in working with our students and professional artists to complete this project. As part of the process, students collected stories from the community about their vision for what a healthy community looks like, and from these 200+ stories, students created original works of art. The project is intended to draw attention to the Wellness Center. Our goal of increasing student encounters by 10% as written into their grant as one of their goals.

Wenceslao Quiroz, one of the artists that supported our students, is also one of the artists that worked on the mural at the Mental Health Urgent Care facility at MLK.  Another key person in the process was professional artist, Zeal Harris.  She, along with Youth Arts Team mentors, Marcus Champion and Armando Ruiz, worked so hard to gather stories, design, create and install the beautiful Transformative Illumination mural which was dedicated on Saturday, May 7, 2016. Congratulations to all on this beautiful team effort!


Student Health = Student Success