Meet Our Board: Lori Vollandt, EdD

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Why do you serve on The L.A. Trust Board of Directors?

lori-vollandtI was selected by Board President Steve Zimmer to represent his office on the Board of the LA Trust.  I have sat on the Boards of other non-profits in Los Angeles County and hopefully I bring a unique perspective to the Board.  As a mother, a grandmother, a former high school health teacher and now as an administrator over Health Education Program, I have learned and lived the importance of health.   At every phase of my life, and in my stewardship of others, I believe health is the critical component in a successful life.  When our babies are born, even before they are born, we will go to great lengths to make sure they have the best chance at being healthy.    Having loving supportive relationships help us all weather the bad and celebrate the good that life brings us.   Our mental and social emotional health are just as important as our physical health and in fact each affects the other.  I have been a district employee for approximately 25 years.  In that time health and human dignity has always been my passion.  That has never gone away.  My childhood shaped my passion.  My father committed suicide when I was 7 years old.  Years later my sister did the same.  Mental illness was very present in my home.  The messages I got directly and indirectly helped me develop compassion for those suffering and in need of help.  I was a Girl Scout and my son is an Eagle Scout.  The message of service is central to who I am and also my role as a mother and grandmother.   I believe that good habits are like bad habits, once established they are hard to break.  I want to help our families have access to information and services that create good health habits.

What changes are you hoping to implement through this organization?

I am always considering what it means at the classroom level to have services available.  Keeping the kids at the center help us make the decisions we need to make. The LA Trust is an amazing organization.  As our health care system changes, the Trust will bend and flex to meet the needs of our families while leveraging funding sources and partnerships to reach that goal.  I hope to be able to smooth the path for the Trust to grow and flourish in LAUSD and beyond.  Board President Zimmer has given me this amazing opportunity to sit at the table where decisions are being made.  I believe my institutional history and understanding of direct instruction can make classroom more health conscious.  School staff knows that a hungry child, a fearful child, a child in need of dental services, is a child that will not be at their optimum.  Also a child that acts out or has chronic behavioral disorders needs to have someone be an advocate and dig into what is causing problems.  Punishing distracted learners due to health issues should never happen.  We need to provide the best professional development and services we can to support schools and students.  Because I worked in the classroom and on the ground in high needs schools, I come to this work with a pragmatic lens.  I am so proud to sit on the Board of the LA Trust.  This is an amazing group of exceptional volunteers.


Student Health = Student Success

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