All incoming Kindergarten and grade 1 students are required to meet the California Kindergarten Oral Health Assessment Mandate.

Schools are funded for this mandate through the Department of Education; funds are rolled into the Local Control Funding Formula to aid in the administrative task of data entry and reporting to the State.

To aid in this effort, The L.A. Trust has teamed with District Nursing Services and Healthy Start to engage providers to offer free screenings and apply fluoride varnish, generously donated by our partners at America’s ToothFairy and Oral Health America. Our pilot model has demonstrated that universal school-based screening and fluoride varnish application can decrease the incidence of dental disease and keep students in class, ready to learn.

Learn more in the LAUSD Policy Bulletin for the oral health mandate.

School-based Screening & Fluoride Varnish Program

Oral Health Education Toolkit

Student Health = Student Success