Maryjane Puffer Honored for Public Health Innovation

Categories: Leadership, Los Angeles health care, Oral health, Public Health

LOS ANGELES — On Thursday, November 12, Maryjane Puffer, Executive Director of The Los Angeles Trust for Children’s Health (The L.A. Trust) was awarded the Southern California Public Health Association’s (SCPHA) Milton and Ruth Roemer Award for her visionary and innovative concept of The L.A. Trust’s recent Tooth Fairy Convention, held on October 11. This prestigious award recognized Ms. Puffer as a leader “concerned with ensuring the healthiest quality of life for Southern Californians.” The award was presented at the California Endowment as a part of the SCPHA’s yearly conference.

“I’m very happy that our event was recognized in this way,” Puffer said. As part of the Tooth Fairy Convention, The L.A. Trust gathered more than 25 community partners, care providers, and sponsors with over 600 attendees and special guests. “Our intention with the Tooth Fairy Convention was to have fun while providing education, access to oral health care, and assistance navigating health insurance enrollment. Initially we set out to honor the dozens of parent volunteers from the schools where we have brought The L.A. Trust’s fluoride varnish/dental screening program, and it snowballed from there.”  WhMaryjane Puffer Honored for Public Health Innovationen asked what was her favorite part of that day, Ms. Puffer was quick to add, “asking folks to take the Tooth Fairy pledge and commit to sharing what they learned with their families and communities, and knowing they would!”

True to her down-to-earth nature, as part of her remarks during the SCPHA recognition ceremony, Ms. Puffer led the crowd in reciting The L.A. Trust’s Tooth Fairy pledge, which ends with the words, “I am important. I am informed. I am a Tooth Fairy!”


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