“How do we reduce risk and increase resilience in our students?”

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“Question is not, “what is wrong with our children, but what has happened.” A powerful statement made by Dr. Tyronne Howard of UCLA’s Black Male Institute during a briefing on August 18, 2017 held by Assemblyman Jones-Sawyer and the Assembly Select Committee on the Status of Boys and Men of Color in California. UMMA Community Clinic at Fremont High School hosted the briefing as a call to the demand for trauma-informed care in health, education, and public safety in Los Angeles. Maryjane Puffer, Executive Director of The Los Angeles Trust for Children’s Health, and Dr. Miriam Vega from UMMA Community Clinic,  were two of  the nine panelists at the briefing and shed light to the committee about how trauma-informed care is essential to the health of students in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). She expressed that LAUSD, in partnership with The L.A. Trust, continues to work towards, “transforming child and adolescent health and wellness by establishing Wellness Centers.”

The Wellness Centers are not only a means for students to access health services, but also opens doors of opportunities for young leaders who represent the community and one of many ways to help them reach their full potential. She also posed the question, “how do we reduce risk and increase resilience in our students?” By providing young people the chance to participate in afterschool programs, supporting peer-to-peer education, and funding recreational activities, they will achieve better health outcomes and thrive in the classroom. This is what school-based health centers and wellness centers are all about –making sure that students are healthy enough to learn and succeed. To view the full briefing, click here. We look forward to the continuing this conversation with Assemblyman Jones-Sawyer and the rest of the state legislature.


Student Health = Student Success