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My Body, My Health: Young Women Planning Ahead

March 19, 2017

by Rosario Rico, MPH, Research and Program Manager, The L.A. Trust Do you remember how old you were when you started thinking of starting your own family? For many people they know it’s after college.  For others, it may be sooner than that. Regardless of when people see themselves starting a family, it’s important for people […]

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Fountains of Empowerment

July 22, 2016

Imagine going to school feeling thirsty and walking to the nearest water fountain only to find a sign that says, “Not a Drinking Water Source.” You then head over to the next water fountain, but this one is shut off. This is the reality for Estelle at Hollywood High School (HHS) as it is with […]

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The L.A. Trust Board Member to Receive Honorary Degree

May 26, 2015

An honorary degree from McGill University will be bestowed upon esteemed The L.A. Trust Board member, Dr. Hal Slavkin, who has become a fierce champion of our work. McGill’s President (Principal), Suzanne Fortier said “we are honoring 16 individuals with a diverse range of backgrounds, expertise and experience who are united by their exceptional contributions to improving the lives of so many.” We are so proud! Read more about it and Dr. Slavkin here.

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